HIMSS Arizona Chapter is a member of the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Program.

Advocacy is the art of strategically leveraging the best that HIMSS has to offer to successfully influence public policy to improve healthcare and population health for all. HIMSS Chapter Advocates advocate on behalf of their HIMSS Chapter to further health information and technology policy at the state, local, territorial, and provincial levels in U.S. and Canada.

Chapter Advocates

With over 50 HIMSS Chapters across North America including the United States, its territories, and Canada,  HIMSS serves as the connection point for members and policy-makers on key health information and technology priorities. The HIMSS Chapter Advocacy program provides an opportunity for each HIMSS chapter to elect or appoint one or more of its members to expand HIMSS priorities through grassroots and grass tops engagement.

What does it mean to be a Chapter Advocate?

To advocate on behalf of your organization and community about issues important to furthering health information and technology policy and ensure state government officials are aware of your qualification as a health information and technology subject matter expert. At the state and local levels, chapters define the role of the Chapter Advocate. The conduct of this role will vary among the states based on local membership and volunteer capabilities. 

Want to get involved within the AZ Advocacy Committee?

Contact Vice President of Advocacy - Jason Bickford 

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