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Connecting individuals and organizations who are passionate about healthcare innovation in the Valley of Sun. We serve the Arizona health care community by providing networking opportunities and educational workshops to enable our members stay up to date with ever-changing Healthcare IT technologies, policies, and best practices. You do not need to be a HIMSS member to attend or participate in any of our events offered throughout the year.

Membership is comprised of four types: Organizational Affiliate, Academic Affiliate, Corporate and Individual membership.

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HIMSS AZ Chapter Ambassador Program:

HIMSS Ambassadors are ambitious, success driven people that are looking to build a higher profile in their organization and to advance their career by increasing their networking opportunities with the who's-who of Arizona Healthcare IT.

Estimated Monthly Time Commitment: ~2‐3 hours plus event attendance

  1. Recruit colleagues, OA, AA affiliate organization to become an active Arizona HIMSS Member and increase member participation
  2. Promote of member enrollment, events engagement and participation
  3. Encourage members to: Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and check out the latest event updates on our website
  4. Help secure venues at your organization for HIMSS Chapter educational events, and recruit speakers for planning future events

For more information about becoming a HIMSS Member, HIMSS Ambassador, Organizational Affiliate, Academic Affiliate, or Corporate Member please contact:




Umar Iqbal, MD

AZHIMSS Membership Director

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